Bernadette’s works are contemporary and uniquely northern Australian, and as such offer perspectives from this region’s natural, social, cultural and metaphysical landscapes.

“I find it difficult and unnecessary to separate art from life, so I strive to incorporate my practice into everything I do.  Art for me is a tool, my vocation and a way of life. It enables me to engage meaningfully and more intimately with myself, others and my environment. I try to make sense of life, its challenges and rewards, through my work.

I hope to encourage reflection and promote discourse about the ways our natural and cultural environments influence our existence, and conversely, the way human-beings influence, view and impact our cultural and natural environments.

Using recycled and found materials /objects in my work has always been a part of my practice. I collage, montage, assemble, construct, weave and print from bits and pieces. I use these materials for a range of reasons i.e. practical, economical, ethical and other. Every fragment of found, recycled or resurrected material carries with it an essence of its former existence, each part carrying its own story. I find that these parts imbue the resulting artworks with energy, and from them narratives emerge – I love observing the ‘magic’ that this creates.”