Jezzine Barracks / Garabarra / Kissing Point Public Art Collection  

The Jezzine Barracks / Kissing Point / Garabarra redevelopment has been a $40 million partnership between Townsville City Council, the Queensland Government and the Australian Government. The 15-hectare heritage precinct commemorates the military and Aboriginal heritage of the Kissing Point headland through 32 specially commissioned public artworks, extensive interpretive signage and the restoration of significant elements of the Kissing Point Fort complex. Townsville City Council website – Jezzine Barracks.

In 2012 and 2013, Boscacci worked on three works in the collection which are situated along the Ethno-botanical Trail and Historical Timeline on the site. 

Luminous Storms
research in collaboration with the Bureau of Meteorology, Victoria.

Cyclone Yasi work in situ, 2014. 1 of 6 works in series.

Dilly Bag and Fruit
Bernadette Boscacci & Shirley Collins, with co-fabricators: Robyn Sweeney and Magnetic Steel Works.
Dilly Bag & Fruits, Bernadette Boscacci & Shirley Collins 2013.


with co-fabricator Andy Frost.


Link to the Jezzine Barracks Public Art Collection, Townsville City Council on YouTube.