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Travelling by String – Bernadette Boscacci
Article: Huxley Press, North Queensland, September 2019

Buried light – Robyn Sweeney and Bernadette Boscacci
Review: Anneke Silver, Eyeline

New book offers good medicine
Koori Mail 30 November 2011 (PDF)

Mundy Creek attracts community crowd
Article: NQ Dry Tropics, 5 August 2015

Awin Udnum – Working Together for Healthy People, Culture and Country 
Article: Kowanyama Lands office News, 8TH Edition article, April 2014

Buried Light
Review: Bernadette Ashley, Townsville Bulletin, 12 February 2011 (PDF)

Review: Jacqui Stock, Townsville Bulletin, September 24 2009 (PDF)

‘Rapt’ in the elements
Review: George Hirst, Magnetic Times October 2003 (PDF)


Florae   Bernadette Boscacci & Naomi Smith, Umbrella Contemporary Art Studios, Townsville 2013

Tree  Bernadette Boscacci, Robyn Sweeney, Marion Gaemers, Kathy Cornwall, Pinnacles Gallery, Townsville 2014

Golden Bee / Gar Gah Gag Zine Spring 2016 Golden Bee Collective’s Hive Alive! Catalogue / zine, Australia 2016

Travelling by string, exhibition catalogue_ Bernadette Boscacci Umbrella Contemporary Art Studios, Townsville 2019