Golden bee – Hive Alive Zine

Hive Alive Catalogue / Zine, copyright 2016. This publication documents the reincarnation of the project and its most recent exhibition – Hive Alive!


See also: Golden Bee Zine, 2016

Golden Bee is an international culture and ecology project aimed at establishing a permanent network and resource base for the mythology, art, ecology and magic of bees.

Uw Oykangand Oy Berr

Author: Alma Luke-Wason (b.1932 – d.2015)
Co-author: Myrtle Luke (b.1955 – d.2013)
Design / Production: Bernadette Boscacci (b.1969)
Produced: Kowanyama & Townsville
Publisher: Black Ink Press, Townsville, Queensland, Australia copyright 2011