Bread and Circuses with Sharon Kitching 2017

Bread and Circuses is an art exhibition and residency project taking place at Chrissie Cotter Gallery in Sydney – 22 August to 4 September 2017. Collaborating artists Bernadette Boscacci and Sharon Kitching will present a multi-media installation of playful and visually engaging artworks, accompanied by a program of artist-led community workshops and activities in the gallery space. 

Bread and Circuses explores the notions of play / interplay with humour and gravity, through assemblage, sculpture, paintings and drawings. Spurred on by the thrill of creation and love of communication, Bernadette and Sharon have been in discussion about this evolving body of work since 2015. 

Following is a selection of works by Bernadette and links to both artists’ work. 

The Gladiator aka. Thumper 2010, coconut shell, paper, plastic. 15 x 7 x 5 cm.
Flyingdoctal, QH 2007,  bone, wood and plastic. 27 x 21 x 18 cm.
All at Sea 2015
All at Sea 2015, collage on paper, 23 x 19cm.
South Townsville 2010, Screenprint, drawing, collage, Bernadette Boscacci and Izetta Clark. Photo. S.Kitching
First Storm, dump view 2017 Photograph. B.Boscacci

Bernadette and Sharon are also involved in Golden Bee  1994 – 2017.

Golden bee on a seed saving flight 2016
Golden bee on a seed saving flight 2015, mixed media on board,  52 x 64 cm.
Melliferous man 2016
Melliferous 1 2016, wax, tree resin, wire, honey, syrup, oil, glass jar, 22 x 11 x 11 cm.
After Aurukun 2000 web
After Aurukun 2000, acrylic and pigment on canvas, 125 x 125 cm.

Evolving social media culture has created an interest in documenting experiences, and this exhibition will be supported by a detailed online presence (using Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) to share our creations and receive feedback and exposure for our work.

Sharon Kitching Portfolio


Weaving progress – A photograph from Bernadette’s studio on one of my visits to Townsville – watching Bernadette create is a pleasure, and the colours are intense (as you can see). Everything is vibrant under the queensland sun. Sharon Kitching 2016


February 2017